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Bossing it for you.....and your family

Hey, I'm Diana!


A mum of three, entrepreneur, award-winning bridal boutique owner, business coach and marketing mentor - aka a BADASS MAMA - dedicated to helping fellow ambitious mums smash their #businessdreamgoals AND maintain their ideal family lifestyle.




Fear of failure, lack of time, the dreaded mum guilt or other people’s doubts holding you back from getting that unshakable business idea off the ground?

I know. I’ve been there myself, but in feeling the fear and doing it anyway, I’ve achieved both my career and family goals.

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Diana McMann Badass Mama by Little and Loves by Francesca.jpg

Nobody hustles harder
than a Badass Mama


How we'll boss it !

Support & Inspire

I’ll be your cheerleader who can 100% relate to you, empower you and help get your business idea in motion or take your dream to the next level in double-quick time.

Awesome growth

Through practical strategy, tried and tested techniques I can help you create badass marketing strategies and content plans that bring ease and flow to your life.

Easy-actionable plans

Being a working mama, you need easy actionable plans, which we will build together through 1 to 1 supportive mentoring programmes.