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90 Minute Empower


Feeling any of these
right now?

  • I'm really stuck on how what to do first to grow my bridal or wedding business

  • I wear all the hats in my business, I struggle to get the time to focus on one area

  • I'm just winging it but I know I need a plan.  I just doing know where to start.

  • I don't feel confident with social media and knowing how to grow an audience

  • I just need to know how to create an engaging reel or tiktok!

  • Creating content is super hard, I need a better, more effective way

  • I don't know how to get a better work / life balance

  • I have a real lack of confidence in being visible to my audience


'Don't worry - I get it and I'm here to help ease that fear, build your confidence and help you tackle those pain points!  Let's get creating some actionable strategies!  '

How my 90min Intensive will help you

Together we will get super clear on your marketing pain points and do a deep dive into how we can turn them around. I’ll provide one-to-one, easy-actionable and results-driven mentoring, so you leave our session with a clear plan to see growth in your business and audience.  

If it's a mindset area you want to work on, whether it be around creating a positive work life balance, or managing the overwhelm being a working mum can create, we'll work through it together.  I'll help shift you to a mindset that will bring balance and confidence to your life.  Drawing on tried and tested practices that I use myself and will show you amazing results! Let's get some balance back in your life.

The unique thing with my Intensive session is that it's completely bespoke to your needs.  We get super focused and into the nitty gritty.  So if you want to take action quickly this is the programme for you!

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So how does it work?

Your intensive package includes;

Deep Dive workbook prior to our call,

to identify your needs and help

create a bespoke package just for you 

90 minutes 1 to 1 virtual coaching call

Easy actionable plans to put into place to get you and your business thriving

7 working days of voice note support

after our call so you feel even more supported as you take action

Ready to Boss it  ?

Then let's dive right in!  These sessions are completely bespoke to your needs. There is so much amazing value just waiting for you to unlock.  To book your session with me just click here


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Ready to Boss it
Like a Badass Mama?

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