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Accountability Buddy


Feeling any of these
right now?

  • Having your own business is feeling pretty lonely

  • You'd love someone to run new ideas or thoughts past

  • Winging it has got you this far, but now you need a plan for growth

  • So many plates are being spun, you don't know what the priority tasks are

  • Getting chance to work ON your business is few and far between

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' I've been there!  Working in the corporate world, I was used to being held accountable!  It's a different story working for yourself.  But having someone to guide you, listen and bounce ideas will transform your productivity and your business'

How I will help you

Together we will get super clear on your business and personal goals for the next 3 months.  We will create a clear action plan that is realistic but also challenges you, to help you reach these goals.


Every month we will come together to check your progress against all of your actions.  This isn't a teacher, student programme, it is one of mutual support and encouragement.  I will be in your back pocket to call on when you need some direction or help to bring you back on course to achieve your goals.


Accountability is one of the key barriers that stops small business owners from progressing to the next step.  But with our sessions in place, you'll come away feeling energised to get going and a desire to 'stick to the plan!'

My accountability buddy sessions are completely bespoke to your needs and are super focused on getting you to where you want to be.

So if you want to take action quickly, with a constant support to help you get there this is the programme for you!

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So how does it work?

Your accountability buddy package includes;

Deep Dive workbook prior to our call,

to identify your needs and help

create a bespoke package just for you 

1 60 min goal setting session

2 x 60 minutes 1 to 1 virtual coaching call

Easy actionable plans to put into place to get you and your business thriving

Whats app support throughout the 3 months working together

Ready to Boss it  ?

Then let's dive right in!  These sessions are completely bespoke to your needs. There is so much amazing value just waiting for you to unlock.  To book your session with me just click here


Payments can be made over the 3 months at £199 a month

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Ready to Boss it?

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