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How we'll boss it

In setting up my own bridal boutique business, being a mum and trying to balance it all, I developed my own essential pillars that allowed me to put my business in motion in next to no time!

And now? I want to share these with you!


So, what are these pillars?


       Marketing & Social Media

       Customer Service

       Work/Life Balance


And who are they created for?


My signature 3 pillars are built for you, if:


  • You have a business that you love but need help taking it up a level

  • You want to have a badass marketing and social media strategy to help grow your biz

  • You are riddled with mum guilt, imposter syndrome and self-doubt

  • You crave more flexibility and control in your work life

  • You are over downplaying your business and want to make it a standout success

  • You are a passionate go-getter who isn’t afraid to work hard for what YOU want


It’s like I read your mind… isn’t it?

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That’s because, like I said, I’ve totally been there.......

'My first business baby is my bridal boutique, which I opened 9 years ago.  A few years ago, I hit wall!  I felt I’d lost the direction I was taking the business in.  I became full of self doubt and was comparing my business to others on social media (never do this!!).  Plus I’d just had a baby, so as you can imagine my hormones were all over the place too!  I knew that I hadn’t worked this hard to come this far, so I invested in myself and my business and sought the support of an amazing coach.  Seeking support is not admitting to defeat.  It’s taking responsibility for where and how you want your life to be.  We all have areas we want to work on and develop which are not our zones of genius.  Recognising this and taking that step was the best thing I ever did.  It enabled me to re-focus my own mindset and ultimately carve out a new direction for the business. Full of clarity and purpose.  I was excited again and back on my path to success.  So yes, I have been in exactly the same place you have been and learnt so many do’s and don’t do’s along the way.  All of which I am here to share with you.'

How will I help you?

I’ll provide one-to-one, easy-actionable and results-driven mentoring in the following areas:


  • Building a successful business that makes you happy, gives you purpose and generates income WHILST allowing you the home life you crave.

  • Visualising your business direction and goals.

  • Developing your business idea and taking inspired action for success and growth.

  • Identifying your ideal client and what you need to do to attract and convert them.

  • Creating authentic and effective messaging and values that gets your business out there and speaks to your target audience.

  • Getting you feeling super confident with being visible and knowing what marketing channels will skyrocket your wedding business.

  • Establishing a social media community filled with likes, comments and shares.

  • Creating a brand that your audience seeks out and wants to buy from.

  • Providing you with the essential tips and tricks for your 'go to' social media platforms so that you are uber confident in using them and creating engaging content.

  • Shifting to a more positive mindset and having the confidence to act on your ideas and ambitions.

Drawing on a marketing degree, practical strategy and successful techniques in my own award-winning business, plus the life experience of bringing up three young boys, you can trust that these are my areas of expertise. I’ll support you in gaining knowledge and confidence across these key pillars, forming solid foundations on which to build and scale your ultimate business dream and ideal family lifestyle.


What Will We Work On?

Those three essential pillars, with all the support I give tailored to your individual needs. Examples of what we can cover include;

Core Pillars

Marketing & Social Media

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  • Branding 

  • PR

  • Online Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Social Media Planning

  • Increasing Profits 

  • Content Plans

  • Authentic & Engaging Content 

  • Social Media Tutorials

Customer Service

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  • Customer journey/experience

  • Added value & USPs

  • Relationship Building & Communication

  • Establishing Trust Factor

  • Product Knowledge & Problem-Solving

  • Closing Sales

  • Confidence Building



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  • Avoiding Overwhelm & Burnout

  • Managing Mum Guilt

  • Setting Priorities

  • Time Allocation & Working Smart

  • Flexibility & Control

If you’d like help with any of these things, then I’d be super excited to work with you! 

Here are all the options available to you to Badass Your Wedding Business!


Clarity Call

Are you unsure of what you need or which option might be best for you right now?

Let's jump on a 30 min call to see where you are at and how I can help you!

Badass Your Content

When it comes to thinking of content ideas for your social media, creative brain block is a regular thing! You may thrive more when working with someone to bounce ideas off or you just need some help in thinking of new, hot ideas!

My signature 1hour content creation sessions will give you so many engaging ideas to help build at least a months worth of content!



You've got a specific area within your business that you want to focus on, whether that be marketing, business strategy and processes, customer service or work/life balance related.  You are short on time but you want to get stuck in so you can get into action mode quickly. 

Then my 90min 1:1 Empower Session would be perfect!

Accountability Buddy

There's always something more interesting to get done!  You know those goals are not being met because you are overwhelmed and all the focus has gone.


Over the next 3 months you will have me in your back pocket to help guide you and keep you on track to getting you where you want to be.

To find out how this can work for you, just click below

In-Person VIP Day

Badass Your Brand

You want your bridal or wedding biz to be a brand that customers seek out!

You want to have a badass marketing and social media strategy that makes you stand out from the rest, but is fun and doesn't feel like a full time job!

You need to get your head round how to create reels or tiktoks!

You love working in-person and are up for a jam packed, knowledge filled day!

Then check out my VIP In Person Packages

Elevate Yourself

Are you ready to reach for the stars and see total business transformation?


You may be in the early stages of your wedding biz, or you are just ready to scale.


You'd love consistent support to help reach those business and lifestyle goals.

Check out my 12 week programme and how I can help.

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Ready to Boss it
Like a Badass Mama?

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