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About Me

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My Story

Hey, I’m Diana,


A mum of three, entrepreneur, multi award-winning bridal boutique owner, business coach and marketing mentor - aka a BADASS MAMA.  I'm dedicated to helping fellow bridal and wedding biz owners smash their #dreambusinessgoals AND maintain their ideal family lifestyle.




Is the fear of failure, lack of time, the dreaded mum guilt or wearing every hat stopping you from focusing on what will grow your biz?


I know. I’ve been there myself, but in feeling the fear and doing it anyway, I’ve achieved both my career and family goals. It’s not a life filled with designer labels and diamonds (just yet...though a girl can keep striving, right?!), but one that brings me SO MUCH JOY! I have quality time with my partner and boys, a beautiful family home and can indulge in some little luxuries along the way, PLUS I have a business that excites me, that I love and that I’M HELLA PROUD OF!


As a mother to three amazing young boys - Tobias, Theo and William - and the owner of a successful business - The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique - I’m living proof that you can nurture and raise both your children and a business with INCREDIBLE RESULTS on both sides.


Through my one-to-one tailored coaching, I help dynamic and talented bridal and wedding business owners just like you to achieve the same. I’ll diminish any self-doubt and boost confidence and clarity by personally guiding you along the rocky but highly-rewarding path to up-levelling your own awesome business.

After having children, some people feel lost or start searching for a purpose, knowing that being a mum is the most fabulous job but that they still have more to give!


Experiencing that exact feeling is what sparked my passion for setting up my own business.


After completing a marketing degree, I fell into a career in advertising and later had my first son Tobias. As a new mum, I switched to part-time hours but realised I just wasn’t enjoying the work and that I’d lost my sense of identity and worth. I knew I needed to do something for myself beyond the family home.


Setting up a business had been at the back of my mind. So I combined my love of wedding dresses with an obsession for customer service and ignited the idea to set up my very own bridal boutique.


A matter of months later, on Valentine’s Day 2015, I opened The Little Pearl, in which time I’d also given birth to my second son, Theo, who was just eight months old. I’m not going to say it was easy - it was A LOT of hard work, but it was also CRAZY exciting, and I INSTANTLY regained a sense of worth.


From day one, I kept the long-term vision of building a strong brand and the overarching goal of employing a team at the forefront of my mind, which gave me motivation on the good days, and the tough ones.


Fast-forward to today, and I’ve smashed what I set out to do. I own a recognised and rewarding business known for its #PearlsGirls branding, plus I have my very own podcast, clothing range and an amazing team of female employees who share my get up and go attitude. I’ve achieved that feel-good #Girlboss factor whilst also gaining the flexibility I desired to spend quality time with my family, now including my third beautiful son, William.


It turns out, as a mum and ambitious business owner, you can have it all...and ladies, if I can do it, so can you! Let me show you how!

More Than A Mama

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Meet Diana!

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Multi award-winning bridal boutique owner, podcast host, clothing brand designer

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Industry expert for Bridal Week and Speaker at educational events

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Mum to three crazy beautiful, intelligent and funny young boys

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Lover of girlie time, gin, books on audible (she’s busy, don’t forget!), spa days and long countryside walks

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Passionate go-getter, #Girlboss cheerleader, obsessive over-thinker and customer service extraordinaire

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