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Join me on Wednesday 17th January

at 7.30pm

for my FREE

BADASS YOUR 2024 Masterclass!

Learn How To.......


  • Conduct an effective review of what's happened in your biz in 2023 and how this can help shape your 2024 plan.

  • Create goals (or intentions if you don't like that word!) that are realistic, achievable and will get your business to where you want it to be.

  • Understand what trends are emerging and how you can maximise on them.

  • Increase your visibility to make you a stand out brand.

  • Hold yourself accountable so you stay on track and never wing it again!

Ready to Boss It?  Let's get stuck in!

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Attracting your dream brides at every appointment, making selling so much easier


Having brides want to come and visit you because they can't wait to become one of YOUR brides!


Feeling totally aligned in your branding and that you are creating a sought after bridal brand

Feels Good Right?

If it's a HELL YES!

Then you are in the right place!

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Masterclass save my seat

My Badass Your Bridal Brand Masterclass is perfect for you if you are an ambitious business owner that is;

Feeling unclear of how to create goals that actually mean something for your business

Wanting some structure bringing into your business

Tired of winging it and hoping for the best!

Unsure of what having a strategy even is

Eager to get a plan in place to increase bookings into the diary

Feeling like you need a re-fresh or a revamp of your brand but you don't know where to start

Ready to start creating engaging and converting online content, like, right now!

In this 1 hour, virtual Masterclass I will teach you my tried and tested Secrets to up-level your bridal boutique and create a stand out brand.

This is a one time only FREE Masterclass which will transform the way you look at your bridal brand! Plus you'll also get the chance to WIN a prize worth £250!

Are You Ready To Boss It?

Then grab a glass of something and come and join me. Let's celebrate investing in you and taking your bridal business to the next level!

Thursday 6th October

at 7.30pm

Details of how to join the Masterclass will be sent via email after registering




Hi, I’m Diana…


Mum of 3 boys, entrepreneur, award winning bridal boutique owner and a business and marketing mentor for fellow Mumpreneurs…..AKA a Badass Mama!

After having my second son, I felt at a complete loss with myself.  Yes, being a mum is the most precious and wonderful thing you can experience, but at the same time I had lost my own identity and sense of purpose.  I knew I had more to give than just counting how many times you’d hear ‘mummy’ shouted at you or being forever in and out of the kitchen making snacks!


Before my mum days I got a degree in marketing and spent 8 years building a career in advertising, sales and marketing.  As I became a mum I quickly realised I wanted MORE than just a part time role with no job satisfaction and that I could have more….’


So I took that leap of faith and set up my own business. I didn’t know it all straight away, I felt huge imposter syndrome, mum guilt and found it hard to get the balance right, but I learnt and implemented some essential pillars that have helped me establish a 6 figure, multi-award winning brand, The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique.


Drawing on my marketing degree, practical strategy and successful techniques in my own award-winning 6 figure business, plus the life experience of bringing up three young boys whilst building my business, it’s safe to say this is my thing and I’m so excited to support you to do the same for your business.   I’ll be sharing my knowledge in Marketing & Social Media, Customer Service and Work/Life Balance Mindset 

 to help you form solid foundations to build and grow your ultimate business dream and ideal family life!

Meet your Mentor

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