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Marketing to the Generation Z customer

Generation Z – our new generation of customers! And one that as business owners we really need to get our heads around.  Gen Z (born between 1997 – 2012), are our first fully native digital generation.  They have grown up with the internet and research EVERYTHING! They want to know EVERYTHING! So how do we, as businesses, make sure we are going to be seen by this tech savvy audience?  Here are some key strategies that you can start putting into practice now!


Authenticity will draw them in


Gen Z value authenticity and transparency over anything.  They have been emersed by media and don’t like to be ‘sold’ to.  They can see through it and it’s a huge turn off!  Just posting images of your product, service offering or a sale offer isn’t going to cut it long term.  Showcasing your values as a brand, creating real content over anything too staged and being upfront about what to expect from what you have to offer, is what is going to make you stand out.  They want to be armed with all the information they need about you, before they make a decision on getting in touch. Use testimonials from your customers in creative ways, show behind the scenes of your business and your team, debunk any myths about what you offer and tell stories about your brand.  These will all help to build trust with the Gen Z customer.


Be digitally aware


With tech savvy customers, we must have a multi-channel digital strategy.  By that I mean don’t put your eggs all in one basket and just be present on one platform.  There are so many ways to showcase your business digitally and the more present you are, the more likely you are to be found.  To date, social media have been free platforms, but this is starting to change, with Instagram even announcing more paid for subscriptions, where effectively the more you pay the more features and reach you get. 

So with this in mind, if you are not on TikTok, have a play and create some fun content.  If you don’t have an email list, now is the time to start building one.  It’s the one piece of digital marketing you own and more importantly it can be personalised and targeted.  How much are you using your Google Business Page?  Keeping this up to date and being active on here is great for SEO.


Create the experience


Gen Z shoppers want an in-store and out of store experience.  We are not just selling them a wedding dress or a balloon arch for example, we are selling an experience.  What does your customer journey look like from the moment they become aware of you, to after they have bought from you and used your product or service?  How can you create more personalised and interactive experiences along the way?  Can you add a human connection on your website via a chat function? Do they want to be treated to a glass of fizz in a lovely hotel to chat about how you can help them or do they want something more understated, like receiving digital welcome pack.  Either way, build the experience for your ideal customer at every touch point they have with you.


Showcase your values


The decisions of Gen Z shoppers are increasingly being made on the values that a brand holds in line with their own values.  Sustainability, inclusivity and diversity are the key ones to be thinking about for your business.  Do you have a social responsibility strategy?  If not, how can you make this a priority for your business, from the products you stock, to the systems and processes you have?  Start building this messaging into your marketing. 

Does the content you create or use in your marketing show your values towards inclusivity and diversity?  Do you show different ethnicities or appreciation towards different disabilities in your content and what you offer in your business?  Are you doing anything to give back to your local community? If you don’t do this already, PR is a great way to get these messages out to your audience. Build your contacts with the local press and media and start creating a sense of belonging with your gen z customer. 


The digital world is constantly changing and evolving, which will mean our Gen Z shopper will too!  Whilst our intrinsic values of excellence in customer service will always be relevant, we need embrace these changes in our customers behaviour to stay ahead.  So create yourself a CEO day and get brainstorming!

If you’d like any support to build a plan of action for your business so you can Badass the Gen Z customer, then get in touch to chat about my mentoring options, Instagram: @__badassmama / Email: hello@badassmama or check out the Work With Me section on my website.

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